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We place special value on face-to-face talks and individual consultation.
With treatments and products by Thalgo specially adapted to your requirements, we expertly cater to your personal needs and make well-being visible.

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Treatment Description Minutes Price
La Beauté Marine
Sea depth Treatment
all inclusive
A comprehensive treatment for your skin.
Cleansing, seawater tonic,
marine peeling, cleansing,
eyebrows plucking, seawater spray, intensive moisture concentrate, remineralizing massage, nutri intensive mask with Maritime infusion mask.
approx. 90 minutes € 124,00
La Pureté Marine
Clearing Treatment for impure skin
A treatment for instant cleansing and clearing of impure skin.
Cleansing, matting tonic, clearing peeling, seawater spray, deep cleansing, regulating intensive concentrate, facial massage, clearing intensive mask.
approx. 60 minutes € 89,00
Source Marine
Moisturizing restorative
Intensively supply your skin with moisture.
Cleansing, peeling, tonic, mask, eyebrows plucking, massage, moisture concentrate.
approx. 60 minutes € 89,00
Sea depth Treatment
for sensitive skin
A treatment for regeneration – especially for demanding and sensitive skin.
Cleansing, seawater spray,
ampoule for sensitive skin.
Soothing SOS mask and relaxing massage.
approx. 60 Minuten € 89,00
Anti-Aging Special Treatment Smoothing – Plumbing –
Lifting effect.
Cleansing, peeling, seawater spray,
anti-wrinkle serum, anti-aging treatment for the eyes, collagen, hyaluronic mask, massage.
approx. 90 Minuten € 148,00

Eye treatments

Treatment Description Minutes Price
Anti-Aging Treatment for the Eyes Cleansing, Peeling, Tonic, seawater spray, collagen eye concentrate, hyaluronic mask with pads for the eyes. approx. 30 minutes € 48,00
Eyelashes coloring - - € 18,00
Eyebrow coloring - - € 14,00

Foot Treatments

Treatment Price
Pedicure without nail-polish € 58,00
Pedicure with nail-polish € 61,00

Hands & Nails

Treatments Price
Manicure without nail-polish € 48,00
Manicure with nail-polish € 51,00

Quick and effective

Treatment Description Minutes Price
Classic face massage - approx. 30 minutes € 45,00
Special back treatment with cleansing, tonic, deep cleansing and mask approx. 30 minutes € 45,00

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