Feel-good massages

Enjoying with all the senses

Mountain air relaxes and gives strength. So what comes more natural than combining the benefits of the mountain location with soothing wellness treatments? Our highly qualified relaxation pros let you feel just what Alpine wellness can achieve: sustainable well-being thanks to refreshing mountain air, essential oils and relaxing massage and beauty treatments.

You are welcome to make an appointment for your wellness treatment with us even before making your way here. Simply call us on the following phone number: +43 (0)5356 62735 or send us an email: info@hotel-schweizerhof.at.

Classic full body massage

This massage technique relieves physical and mental tension and strengthens the muscels. The metabolism is activated, toxins are eliminated and the tissue is detoxified. A heightened and wonderful sense of well-being and relaxation are guaranteed. Furthermore, the regenerative capacity of tissue is increased and the immune system improved.

Minutes Price
approx. 50 minutes € 75,00
approx. 80 minutes € 105,00

80 minutes additional arms, décolleté, head and neck

Classic part body massage

During the part body massage your back, neck and your legs get indulged wonderfully.

Minutes Price
approx. 25 minutes € 44,00

Salt peeling with massage afterwards

High quality mountain salt from the region of Salzkammergut mixed with high quality oils loosens dead skin in a gentel way. The result is a cleansing deep into your pores. Your skin will look revitalised and your microcirculation will be stimulated. A relaxing massage with high quality oil afterwards completes this particularly valuable treatment.

Minutes Price
approx. 50 minutes € 79,00
approx. 80 minutes € 109,00

50 minutes: with part body massage
80 minutes: with full body massage

Sports massage

This massage is an excellent methodfor sportwomen and sportmen to improve their performance and to increase vitality wellbeing.
Various techniques help to relieve muscle tension and hence complaints as a consequene thereof, like restriction of motion. Depending on your need, the focus of this massage lies on specific muscle groups.

Minutes Price
approx. 50 minutes € 79,00

Seaweed-detox wrap with a massage of your choice

Pamper yourself with a pure seaweed wrap for purification, cleansing and toning. The high iodine content stimulates the cell metabolism and blood flow. This treatment is completed with a relaxing massage of your choice.
To open the pores, we recommend visiting the sauna before the massage.

Minutes Price
approx. 40 minutes € 69,00
approx. 65 minutes € 89,00
approx. 90 minutes € 109,00

40 minutes: with head massage
65 minutes: with part body massage
90 minutes: with full body massage

Hot Stone Massage

Enjoy a holistically energetic treatment with hot lava stones. The warm stones enable intensive states of relaxation and an optimal letting go. They promote the resolution of energetic blockages and the removal of waste products. Furthermore. they help to develop and enforce the self-healing powers.

Minutes Price
approx. 50 minutes € 79,00
approx. 80 minutes € 109,00

50 minutes: with back massage
80 minutes: with full body massage

Relaxation massage for your feet

Enjoy this soothing massage especially after an active day outdoors. It has a particularly relaxing effect and increases your sense of well-being.

Minutes Price
approx. 25 Min. € 44,00
approx. 50 Min. € 75,00

25 minutes: feet massage
50 minutes: massage of feet and legs

Thai Oil Massage

During this treatment, techniques of the classic massage are combined with those of the traditional Thai massage. The technique of acupressure has a regenerative and harmonizing effect on body and soul. Furthermore, it promotes blood circulation and stimulates the muscles as well as the heart and circulatory system.

Minutes Price
approx. 25 minutes € 51,00
approx. 50 minutes € 85,00

25 Minuten: Beinmassage
50 Minuten: Ganzkörpermassage

Massage for children

Gentle massage for children from 5 to 14 years.

Minutes Price
approx. 25 minutes € 37,00

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