Feel-good massages

Enjoying with all the senses

Mountain air relaxes and gives strength. So what comes more natural than combining the benefits of the mountain location with soothing wellness treatments? Our highly qualified relaxation pros let you feel just what Alpine wellness can achieve: sustainable well-being thanks to refreshing mountain air, essential oils and relaxing massage and beauty treatments.

You are welcome to make an appointment for your wellness treatment with us even before making your way here. Simply call us on the following phone number: +43 (0)5356 62735 or send us an email: info@hotel-schweizerhof.at.

Classic full-body massage

The classic full-body massage releases tension and strengthens the muscles. Metabolism is activated, toxins flushed out and the tissue purged. Increased well-being and thus wonderful relaxation are guaranteed.

Minutes Price
approx. 50 minutes € 68,00
approx. 80 minutes € 95,00

80 minutes additional arms, décolleté, head and neck

Classic partial massage

This partial massage fabulously pampers your back, neck and legs.

Minutes Price
approx. 25 minutes € 37,00

Foot reflexology massage

This massage exerts pressure on special points and zones on the feet, which results in a healing and soothing effect on the associated organs and body parts. The treatments boosts well-being and can improve your general health.

Minutes Price
approx. 25 minutes € 39,00
approx. 50 minutes € 70,00

50 minutes with lymphatic drainage of the lower legs

Combined massage

This is a therapeutic mix of classic massage and foot reflexology massage.

Minutes Price
approx. 50 minutes € 70,00
approx. 80 minutes € 97,00

Salt exfoliation followed by a partial massage

The high-grade mountain core salt from Salzkammergut mixed with premium oils gently loosens dead skin particles and stimulates blood flow. The result is a deep pore cleansing and refined complexion. A relaxing massage with precious oils completes this soothing treatment.

Minutes Price
approx. 50 minutes € 70,00
approx. 80 minutes € 98,00

80 minutes with full-body massage

Sports massage

This massage is an excellent way to improve athletic performance and boost vitality and well-being for all kinds of athletes.
Various techniques serve to relieve muscle tension and associated problems such as restricted mobility. The regenerative capacity of the tissue is also boosted, the immune system improved and the risk of injuries reduced.

Minutes Price
approx. 50 minutes € 70,00

Seaweed-detox poultice with a massage of your choice

Treat yourself to a pure algae poultice for detoxification, cleansing and lifting. The high iodine content stimulates metabolism and blood flow. A relaxing massage of your choice completes this treatment. To open the skin pores, we recommend a sauna session before your treatment.

Minutes Price
approx. 40 minutes € 64,00
approx. 65 minutes € 84,00
approx. 90 minutes € 99,00

40 minutes: with head massage or foot reflexology massage
65 minutes: followed by partial massage
90 minutes: followed by full-body massage

Hot Stone Massage

Enjoy a holistically energetic treatment with hot lava stones and get carried off into a world of relaxation and well-being. The hot stones promote dissolution of energetic blockages and flashing out of waste products and help you mobilise your self-healing powers.

Treatment Minutes Price
Full-body Hot Stone approx. 80 minutes € 96,00
Back massage Hot Stone approx. 50 minutes € 69,00

Lymphatic drainage

Manual lymphatic drainage is a gentle and relaxing form of treatment, supporting and stimulating the body’s lymphatic system. The treatment is particularly suited for those suffering from swellings, rheumatic disorders and bruises. Try out this somewhat different kind of massage and feel like newborn!

Minutes Price
approx. 50 minutes € 70,00
approx. 80 minutes € 97,00

Massage for children

Here kids from 5 to 14 years get treated to a gentle and relaxing wellness massage.

Minutes Price
approx. 25 minutes € 31,00

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