Wine pairing

Fine wines in Schweizerhof

Austrian wines form the basis of our wine list. The small wine country Austria offers a surprising variety of wines and styles, each and everyone a relish unto itself, each typical for its area of origin and its individual charm.

Our wine recommendations for you

  • Young, light and crisp white and rosé wines as well as Prosecco and sparkling wine are excellently suited as aperitifs and to go with salads and soups (Sauvignon Blanc, Green Veltliner, …).
  • Medium-heavy and fruity white wines are preferably enjoyed with soup, fish and crustaceans, which are prepared into light dishes.
  • Rich white wines (e.g. vintage wines, reserves) are ideally enjoyed with veal, pork, poultry or fish with strong flavours.
  • Light red wines (e.g. classic maturation) go well with both white meat and strong sauces, but also with dark meat with not too intense flavour.
  • Strong and full-bodied red wine such as reserves, barrel maturation or cuvées emphasise the original taste of dark meat such as beef, game or wildfowl.
  • Sweet or dessert wine such as late-harvest wine, Trockenbeerenauslese or ice wine are drunk in small quantities to supplement and highlight desserts and, above all, cheese.

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